What to Expect

When you book an event with us whether large or small, your child's birthday party or a fundraiser for your organization, expect Archery Hawaii to help you with your goals. We are the only LICENSED provider of Archery Tag and SAFE Archery. Being licensed indicates to you that your enjoyment and wellbeing is our top priority! 

 From introductory education in archery from certified instructors, to adrenaline pumping player versus player matches. No one does it better!


Safety First!

Safety is something we cannot stress more. Not only do we inspect our equipment before, during, and after an event to make sure you and your guests are safe, we MUST maintain a level of safety and quality to continue to be licensed! Our equipment gets replaced at least every single year to prevent equipment malfunctions or injuries- sooner if inspections reveal questionable quality.



For your safety and others, we take great care in making sure there are certain rules or equipment restrictions are set in place. We do not allow third party equipment other than masks and arm guards (both to be inspected prior to use). Additionally, we only allow bows, arrows, and bunkers branded with "Archery Tag" to be used. 

  • We have a Safe Zone where players cannot fire out of. This prevents getting shot at point-blank range. 
  • Bunkers are to use as cover and not to be moved, or to lean upon.
  • If the bow is fired and the limb hits a hard object in front of it, the bow can be damaged.
  • The arrows are padded with foam to prevent injury. Please do not throw the arrow, or use it to strike another player.
  • We provide recurve bows with a 28 pound draw weight. Everyone has the same equipment.
  • Fields or Safety Zones will never be marked with materials that will pose a tripping hazard if secured to the ground such as rope.
  • Instructors will hold a pre-game briefing before every single game to help you and keep you safe.
  • Spectators and eliminated players are to remain outside of a buffer zone
  • Equipment, including but not limited to bows, bow components, arrows, arrow components, masks, bunkers, and playing field will be inspected before, during, and after event.
  • All participants must sign a waiver, parents must sign if participant is under 18
  • Keep masks on at all times, even if you are eliminated



SAFE Archery focuses more on the individual.  A certified instructor or staff member helps the shooter become more consistent, and confident while promoting a positive learning environment.

  • SAFE Archery Hoverball Range is secured to the ground
  • Archers must stand behind waiting line until instructed to step up to shoot
  • Only instructors are to be able to retrieve arrows
  • Only bows and arrows labeled and/or branded "SAFE Archery" is to be used
  • Shooting is ALWAYS supervised



Archery Tag can be played in a variety of locations both indoors and outdoors, multiple surfaces: concrete, asphalt, hardwood, carpet, grass, dirt. We take great care to make sure property will not be damaged in the course of use. Dependant upon surfaces, players may slip, trip, or fall in the course of participating in Archery Tag. We make every effort to make sure surfaces have been minimized of risk. If you are planning an event, please be aware that although rare, players may accidentally hit the walls, fixtures, or scuff up the floor. 

The size of the field is 78'x36' with a 20' safety zone in the middle. If needed, the size of the field can be slightly adjusted.